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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-05-18 Tony Wijetilake
Auckland, New Zealand
  Animal cruelty is seen world wide as humans we have completely lost the love towards the animals. As animals they do have the right to live and die peacefully. let us make this world a better place for all.

2011-05-18 Anonymous
  For the same reasons, they breathe the same air as we do, they beat the same heart beat as we do. Theres absolutely no reason why they should be subject to inhumane and degrading treatment. Even an accused person sentenced to death has a right to appeal to defend himself, let alone animals who can barely defend themselves. So if humans claim to be civilized, ACT like one!

2011-05-18 Nicholas Ng
Kuala Lumpur
  There's nothing to be proud of being a Malaysian if the law is not amended. Please do something to punish those animals abusers. If they can abuse or kill an animal, they can do the same to human too. Change before it's too late!! Animals have feelings too!!

2011-05-18 Wendy Ho
Negeri Sembilan

2011-05-18 Anonymous
Pulau Pinang
  Animal abusers must be named and shamed!

2011-05-18 Wind Goh

2011-05-18 Pek Zhan
  Animals or any other living thing does not deserve any of these cruelty. They also have mother and family. Same goes for humans.

2011-05-18 Anonymous
  stray dogs that are caught and placed in dog pound should have a second chance to live. to contact the NGO, or pet society for adoption before putting them to sleep.

dogs are livings. not too far different from human. they have life. imagine yourself in the dog's shoe. please treat them like a living even you wanted to catch them. what we're asking here are simple.

For mercy. thanks!

2011-05-18 Athi Raam
  Please stop animal abuse!
Please have mercy and save those animals!

2011-05-18 Anonymous
Pulau Pinang
  Who are we to abuse animals? Who gives us rights to beat, kill, torture them? They are innocent lives and should not be treated with cruelty. Our county has no self disciplines and respect and awareness towards animals. To those that torture animals, they will receive their payment in the afterlife. They will get their payment.

2011-05-18 Jeffrey Chong
Kuala Lumpur
  Animals are our friends , do not hurt them . SAY NO TO ANIMALS ABUSE !!!!!

2011-05-18 Joanne Suhana Sabtu
Kuala Lumpur
  Its a really good manners to care for others and Animals, Pls have more sensitivity towards all living creature in this world! for every good things u do in life im sure it give u a peace of mind,and for every living animal u are kind to im sure it gave u a happiness in your heart somewhere! pls be kind to them, tq.

2011-05-18 Wong Cheng Yee
  Animal is a life too.

2011-05-18 Anonymous
Pulau Pinang
  Yes, human do have their rights. How about animals?
They are not so different from human. They do have a heart, they have blood, they have bones.
The only difference is that human has extra intelligence which lead them to think that they are the king of the world.
Please, stop animal cruelty!
Don't uglify human beings.

2011-05-18 Sora Wong
Kuala Lumpur
  No animal cruelty of any kind is tolerable, and no one is above the law.

Please listen to the voices of people from around the world and
end the inhumane treatment of stray animals in Malaysia.

2011-05-18 Thomas Chin
Kuala Lumpur
  pls sign to stop animal abuse..

2011-05-18 Anonymous

2011-05-18 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur
  Animals have feelings too

2011-05-18 John Teh Teong Beng
Kuala Lumpur
  The many acts of violence, abuse against animals have torn a painful scar on moral consciousness of Malaysians of all race and creed. Proactive intervention by the Government will not only shed itself and Malaysia in much better light but has become of utmost necessity. The complacent attitude shown on many occasions by the Dept of Veterinary Services has left much to be desired. Perhaps extend authority to the police? Or even delegate authority and fund organisations to ensure such acts are duly deterred and punished seriously.

2011-05-18 Elaine Tang
Kuala Lumpur
  I'm hereby to voice myself on behalf of the animals that they have the right to live and not being tortured! Animals cant speak like us human beings but they have feelings like us. I agree with this against animal abuse petition to make a difference for our country to have love to animals more and animal has its rights to live better as we human beings show much concern to them!!

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