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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-05-19 Melike Greenwood
Queensland, Australia
  any form of animal cruelty is WRONG!

2011-05-19 Sarmilla Kunasaagaran
  Please save our animals in Malaysia...

2011-05-19 Chelsia Ng
Pulau Pinang
  Breaks my heart... :(
How are we to progress forward as a nation when these cruel acts are still committed within the country... And worse of all without any strict penalties against it?

2011-05-19 Jax
Kuala Lumpur
  maximum rm200 n 6month jail realy not enough 4 those killer

2011-05-19 Anonymous
Pulau Pinang
  This is so heartbreaking and barbarous! Animal cruelty and abuse have got to STOP! To the council workers, have a heart for all living things! They are God's creation! Who gives them the right to treat and abuse/torture animals like this? How shameful! Workers should be given adequate training on how to handle animals in a loving and human way. Malaysia MUST LEARN from other countries. We lack education and awareness. All levels of city council employees from the bottom to the top must be given training. Obviously the instructions come from the higher authority.

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  Good job , keep it up ..recently really too many of stray animals live around us and hopefully gov can take appropriate and humane action to solve out all those problems.

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  STOP IT NOW!!!!!! this is sooo sick!!!!!

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  Stop animal abuse, those who abuse any animal should be judge and should face a heavy punishment.

2011-05-19 Anonymous

2011-05-19 Margarette Tse
Kuala Lumpur
  Animals shall be treated with respect.

2011-05-19 A Girija C K Balan
  Stop animal abuse, as it is an act of humiliation by mankind

2011-05-19 Kimmy
  Please stop cruelty towards animals. This is not something to be proud of. If you can't take care of a pet then DON'T HAVE ONE!

2011-05-19 April Chai
British Columbia, Canada
  Karma is a b*tch. Believe it.

2011-05-19 Rick
Pulau Pinang
  Stop animal abuse now.Our current neglect and abuse of animals by certain so called enforcement officers don't reflect very well on our government running the country. Incompetent is the word.

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  Stop Animal Cruelty.! Save Life!!

2011-05-19 James Lim Tjin Kuang
  stop animal abuse... enuf said...

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  malaysia still wont think out of the box. animal live among us ,and we needed them for our own sake! if u know what i mean . just saying my concerns.

2011-05-19 Spitfire
  Have A Heart! Please Stop Animal Abuse! The Animals Have The Same Rights As Humans To Be Treated Equally As Creatures of God. Please Act Now And Be The Voice For Those Who Can't Speak For Themselves.

2011-05-19 Jaychand
Negeri Sembilan
  If you are cruel to animals, it just shows the world that you are an extremely cruel person inside. You probably harm your own family behind close doors.

2011-05-19 AIZZAT AFFERO
  Stop animal abuse & cruelty. Every life form deserve to live naturally.

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