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[2011-09-09] "End Inhumane Acts" - Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye [read]
[2011-09-06] RM100,000 fine, 6-mth jail for cruelty to animals under new act [read]
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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-05-18 Anonymous
  Animal cruelty is a very serious type of social ill in Malaysia that need an immediate intervention from the Malaysian Govt!

2011-05-18 Anonymous

  Pls support the petition

2011-05-18 Kaarjel Kauslya Narayanasamy
  The abuse has gone on for far too long. We want it to stop NOW!

2011-05-18 Michelle Chee
Kuala Lumpur
  Let us beg you...stop all the cruelty ways to abuse animals!We're human!Not animal!I hope that you all will use a HUMAN way to treat them!!But not KILL THEM!!!

2011-05-18 Carole Allman
England - Kent, United Kingdom
  Please listen to the voices of people from around the world and end the inhumane treatment of stray animals in Malaysia.

2011-05-18 Phoon Mii Ling
Kuala Lumpur
  Please Stop Animal Abuse...

2011-05-18 Anonymous
  Animals have a right to live as well and they are not to be treated with cruelty. It breaks my heart to see all the abuse that has been happening to the poor and helpless animals. There is a reason for God to create animals and they have every right to be living amongst us. Irresponsible pet owners should be punished instead of the helpless and innocent pets.

Stop animal cruelty immediately !

2011-05-18 Zeezam Scvm
Kuala Lumpur
  stop animal abuse now!

2011-05-18 Galayna Willfred
Negeri Sembilan
  Please accept this as my strong petition to stop animal abuse in this country. Imagine it as it is our kids who are getting torture and the pain these animals go through. As humans, we have the ability to think, to protect and to be responsible towards these animals. We might not need them but they need us. Please Mr Prime Minister, do something drastic and to not that this lightly. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi

2011-05-18 Irene
Pulau Pinang
  Make a difference the world our compassion towards innocent life.

2011-05-15 Anonymous
  Stop animal cruelty =((

2011-05-14 Andy Koh
  We should all play a role in helping the animals and protect them from cruelty. Let's sign the petition now and make a difference! =)

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