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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-05-18 Nur Diyana Abdul Muttalib
Pulau Pinang

2011-05-18 Anonymous
  The current law isn't enough to punish/alert animal abuse in Malaysia. Besides, more anti-animal abuse education must be done. SPCA Malaysia should be given more authority and participation in all these.

2011-05-18 Sara Malik
Kuala Lumpur
  We need stricter law on animal abuse!

2011-05-18 Anonymous
  It is about time that we take animal abuse very seriously and punish those who are involved. A mininimum fine and jail term is not going to change anything. Harsher penalty should be imposed to stop these inhumane acts!!!

2011-05-18 Desmond Ong
  All animals deserve to have their rights, they should be treated as a living sentient being... Animals should be treated with respect just as much as humans being treated with respect.. Every living thing is sacred and no one is better or bigger than the other!

2011-05-18 LX

2011-05-18 Foo Pui Yoong
  animals is no difference with humans, they have life too!

2011-05-18 Abigail Navarre
al-Manamah, Bahrain
  Animal abuse MUST stop right now. Government of Malaysia must take a firm stance on this and enforce stiffer penalties for those who inflict pain and suffering on any animal. Animal abuse will NOT be tolerated anymore.

2011-05-18 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur

2011-05-18 Nunu Aziz
  please revise and change the animal act.

2011-05-18 Siddiq Tan
  im pity the animals get kill by human cruelty ~~~... please take action for that..STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!!!

2011-05-18 Amanda Ho
  Love Them Not Abuse Them!

2011-05-18 Santiyani A/p Kunju
  Just like us, animals are also God's creation. They have the rights to live. Please stop animal abuse!

2011-05-18 Cheryl Peh
Singapore, Singapore
  Please stop all animal abuse..! Together we can make a difference..!

2011-05-18 Noreen Omar
Pulau Pinang
  Manusia diturunkan di bumi untuk menjadi Khalifah . Haiwan adalah tanggungjawab kita dan hentikanlah kekejaman terhadap haiwan. setiap nyawa adalah berharga

2011-05-18 Kicauku
  please...stop animal abuse...

2011-05-18 CH Tan
Kuala Lumpur
  Dear PM,
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” - Mahatma Gandhi
Please have your say to stop animal cruelty in Malaysia.
Animals have a right to live as well and they are not to be treated with cruelty. It is heart wrenching to see all the abuse that has been happening to the poor and helpless animals. There is a reason for God to create animals and they have every right to be living amongst us. This goes especially to the dogs in Malaysia too..

2011-05-18 Aimie Illeana
They deserve care just like we deserve care.
Remember, the only difference between us and the animals is that we have brains. don't be too stuck up people.

2011-05-18 Vivian Yap
Kuala Lumpur
  What happened to compassion? If you treat animals with such cruelty, do you also treat other living beings the same way? Aren't we all equal but unique in our own ways? What right do some individuals have to cause misery to these poor animals? We can all put a full stop to animal abuse. We have no respect for abusers.

2011-05-18 Fatt
Pulau Pinang
  make a difference

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