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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-05-19 Anonymous
  pliiss,stop the cruelty and start learn how to love animals :)

2011-05-19 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur
  Just stop this animal cruelty.

2011-05-19 Sammi Hee
Negeri Sembilan
  ya!!!pls stop animal abuse!!!

2011-05-19 Hasuli Perera
  Please stop animal cruelty! They deserve the right to be treated well!

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  have a heart for all living things on earth :)

2011-05-19 Chan Suk Yee
Kuala Lumpur
  In plain language, PUNISH the animal abuser with jail time & heavier fines !! STOP ANIMAL ABUSE!!

2011-05-19 Patrick
  Stop the cruelty pls!!!!!!!

2011-05-19 Rachel Khoo
Kuala Lumpur
  Animal are humans too and they can feel pain, just like humans. With animal abuse on the rise, the minimal fine of RM200 won't leave an impact on animal abusers. That is such a petty amount. Animal lives are precious too, so to end animal cruelty we need to increase the fine and penalty for abusers. The videos of the guy torturing the poodle has gone viral all over the net, all over the world for that matter. For that, Malaysia has received a bad name. All this happened because the animal laws in our country isn't as stringent as it should me. Make a change now, before animal cruelty gets out of hand. ANIMALS ARE CREATION OF GOD TOO!

2011-05-19 Nurul Atiyah
Kuala Lumpur
  Malaysians are no more illiterate. Stop animal cruelty.

2011-05-19 Destiny
  Don't talk about how great we are or how Malaysia Boleh if we can't even treat the animals nicely.

2011-05-19 Hazwani Bt Noorul Amin
  Animals are also God's creation and their lives are priceless as ours.

2011-05-19 Kogi Vijay
  It's now or never.Let's put an end to animal cruelty not just in Malaysia but all over the world.

2011-05-19 Connie Mar
Colorado, United States
  Malaysia needs to eliminate animal abuse - what a horrible impression this country leaves on the world by allowing cruelty and abuse of animals to continue!

2011-05-19 Angelyn Chin
Pulau Pinang
  Please impose a heavier punishment to animal abusers and better stray control instead of brutal methods. Malaysian animals deserves better.Come up with a reasonable process instead of barbaric actions.

2011-05-19 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur
  Animal=life... them also have the feel of pain, hopeless and so on... sometimes, they just being abuse without knowing what have they did...

2011-05-19 Wie
Kuala Lumpur
  Pleasa stop animal abuse

2011-05-19 Shirley Lye
  Very simply question..Can this people stand if we tortured or abused their children or maybe they are the one being tortured?? They are abusing those lovely pets because they do not have a heart & they are enjoying seeing those pets being cruelly tortured!! Can they imagine how suffering & in pain this lovely creature is being tortured alive?? They are better creature then a human. They will still be there for you even you treat them like shit!!! They take care & protect their owner even sometimes their owner bit them....can a HUMAN be that loyal??

2011-05-19 Anonymous
  js want more about animal abuse in malaysia and i hope animal abuse in malaysia can stop!

2011-05-19 Eileen
Pulau Pinang
  i myself could not change the world. If signing this up could help change an animal's life, if i could, i would sign up everyday and put a stop to animal abuse!

2011-05-19 Anonymous
Government controlled area
  Stop Animal Abuse. They are life just like human.

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