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[2012-04-25] Better Protection For All Creatures Great And Small [read]
[2012-04-23] Public Can View Animal Welfare Bill Soon [read]
[2011-09-09] "End Inhumane Acts" - Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye [read]
[2011-09-06] RM100,000 fine, 6-mth jail for cruelty to animals under new act [read]
[2011-06-22] Stricter rules for handling strays [read]


Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2011-07-28 Michelle Brooks
Kuala Lumpur
  I hate people who really HURT innocent animals.. it makes me seriously sad.. hope people will come too their senses that animals are our best friend :)) to those that have pets :))) YOU ROCK! :))

2011-07-28 Helen O'Donoghue
Victoria, Australia
  Please be kind to animals

2011-07-28 John Royal
KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
  Every living thing must be treated with kindness and respect!

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  Please STOP animal abuse. This message should be conveyed strongly by the goverment.

2011-07-28 Dr E Galgut
Western Cape, South Africa
  Cruelty in any society can never be tolerated. The abuse of animals is tied very closely to the abuse of humans. All civilized societies are judged by the way they treat their animals. I would never visit any country that did not have strict laws protecting animals from abuse.

2011-07-28 Susan W
  Stop animal abuse.....

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  Stop Animal Abuse In Malaysia

2011-07-28 Jane Jane
  Please love and care about animals.

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  stop animal abuse

2011-07-28 Christine Faye Johnny
  Please stop animal abuse.. A Call for Animal Cruelty Law Reform !!!

2011-07-28 Shahira Mohamad Nor
  Please stop animal abuse as they are living creatures. We are humans and we are their voices in preventing them to suffer more or being extinct. Preserve them as how we try to preserve mother nature. I vow to do all I can to stop animal abuse and I believe this matter should be looked upon seriously.

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  Remember what Ghandi once said.

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  We should have Animal Welfare and Hospitals (not private) with ambulance that operate 24 hrs daily; just like hospitals for human beings.

2011-07-28 Intan Khalid
Kuala Lumpur
  `Abdullah Ibn `Amr reported that the Prophet (Peace he upon him) said: "Whoever kills a sparrow or anything that is greater than this without its due reason, then Allah will ask him about it on the Day of Judgment." He said:"What is its due reason, O, Messenger of Allah?" He said: "To slaughter it for the sake of eating, and avoid cutting its throat off to be thrown."

2011-07-28 Azlina
  Stop animal cruelty and stop animal hit and run

2011-07-28 Sally Timmins
England - North Yorkshire, United Kingdom
  Please put a stop to animal abuse.

2011-07-28 Anonymous
  The human capacity for animal cruelty is a sad truth. Please hear our plea.

2011-07-27 Anonymous
  How could self-claimed civilised creatures can be so ruthless and heartless to these poor animals?

2011-07-27 Anonymous

2011-07-27 Maheswar Raj A/L Gunarajah
  Everyone Plays Apart !

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