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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2015-05-26 TAMARA BRAGG
Texas, United States
  All animal offenders should be killed.

2015-04-26 Anonymous
Negeri Sembilan
  Malaysia should really stop using the cruelty ways to reduce the stray problem which our country is facing currently.
First of all, stray are the creature of the God,we human are educated to be kind , love them .But in fact, reality shows the opposite.Are they supposed to live like this?do they deserved treatment like this? The stray did no wrong, the wrongful actions are always come from human.If the human choose not to disturb with all the stray dogs,would the stray dogs attack a person without any reasons?i bet they in need for self-defence too.The local councils should stop their cruelty ways to solve the existence problem?why not educate all the people?Killing is not the best ways to reduce the strays problem.Malaysia should really amend the legislation.Also,hopefully the local councils should not act ultra vires.remember, killing is not the best ways to solve the problem! think about it.

2015-04-25 Maria
Zaragoza, Spain
  Por favor parar ya fe maltratar a los animales. Ellos tienen el mismo derecho a vivir una vida sana y tranquila.
Please stop animal cruelty, they have the same rights to live their lives healthy and quite. Stop the zoo showing off and all the Internet videos. It's not funny at all!!! Thanks and hope all of this petitions goes into someone's brain!!!!

2015-04-15 Ruth M Adams
Ohio, United States
  This needs to stop-it's cruel and in human

2015-04-08 HAMELIN KAUR
Kuala Lumpur
  I Love Animals..
Please Stop Animal Abuse..
They also have right to live too..

2015-03-24 Anonymous
  Animals cant advocate for themselves , so its up to us to advocate for them. Its disgusting when people mistreat a defenseless animal but even more worse when pet owners abandoned their pets, there is no excuse for leaving your pet at the side of the road to die. Enough is enough .

2015-03-24 Christiaan
  Malaysia is the worst country for cruelity to animals .The reason is not so much of love for the animals but laws are not properly enforced .There are illegal breeders ,some also do it at home on a small scale like they have pets and they sell thier pups for extra cash .This is also illegal.What would be law on such abuse on all aspects.TX

2015-03-24 Kim Venturo
South Carolina, United States
  Animals are sentinent beings. They are defenseless and innocent. As a civilized society it is our DUTY to PROTECT them, NOT HARM them. You are thereby implored to stop any and all forms of animal abuse. They are crimes against nature and should not be tolerated.

2015-03-23 Anonymous
Pulau Pinang, Germany
  I have seen so many strays and so called "pets" that people have, that are being abused and tortured in ways that are unacceptable. It make me sick to think that as a human race we can let these things happen to animals, who have just the same rights as we do. There are so many sick people out there treating animals so badly and something needs to be done! Please take time out of your day to feed any strays that you may see and take them to the vet if possible. One person can only do so much, we need to make this a public effort so we can give animals their rights back!

2015-03-22 Anonymous
Scotland - East Ayrshire, United Kingdom
  Animal abuse is disgusting and must be stopped. Animals cannot defend themselves against humans and need humans who know they are wonderful creatures with kind souls. Made by God to support humans with their love and devotion. Not for beating.eating and murdering! Please stop this now!

2015-03-09 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur
  I Love Animals..
Please Stop Animal Abuse..
They also have right to live too..

2015-03-06 Siasnu
Attiki, Greece
  please save stray dog

2015-02-27 Anonymous
  please save stray dog

2015-02-27 Latha Periasamy
  Punish those behave cruel on animals

2015-02-27 Gayathri A/p Veerakutty
  Please help the poor furkids... they are innocent and harmless... all livingthing created by GOD !! please please take this as serious issue and help them

2015-02-27 Anonymous
  Animals are also the God's creatures as how God have create us. There should be a reason or purpose the God have created them as well. We as human knows the purpose of our life in this earth. & let them have their own life as well.. Let them be a part in our society. As how we are giving hand to those poor , same goes to these animals , help them by giving them or letting them to live the life but not abusing or misuse them to unnecessarily purpose. Please stop abuse. Spread the unconditional love to animals as well. There are just like us , have feelings too. When u wan to abuse any animals , please look at their eyes , they will look at u and wonder what are u going to do them. How pity is it? Please stop animal abuse , give them a better life & love. Thanks.

2015-02-02 Anonymous
Kuala Lumpur
  The way human beings are allowed to treat these animals' life, may eventually reflect on the lackadaisal attitude towards other human lives in the respective country.

2015-01-31 Lisa Clark
Queensland, Australia
  Sometimes I think we need a culling of certain people.

2014-12-29 Jo Ong
  i have a few housing here where they kept their dogs in the cage forever,,,,and I have witness a Dalmatian unable to standup due to prolong caging.....

2014-12-23 ADIK DIJKSTRA
California, United States

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