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Animal abuse and cruelty cases in Malaysia

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2016-07-22 Lateisha
Ivanovo, Russian Federation
  Bueno, Elena, pues por aquí, en Burgos, hace un fresquito que no invita a quitarse la chaquetilla. Serán esas dos maneras fulnnmedtaaes de entender la organización económica. Habría que poder cambiarse de una a otra, por temporadas.Un abrazo.

2016-07-22 Tallin
Kurgan, Russian Federation
  I think this web site has got some real good information for everyone. “It is easy enough to define what the Commonwealth is not. Indeed this is quite a popular pae1.msi&#822t; by Elizabeth II.

2016-07-22 Latrice
Mordovija, Russian Federation
  Esta discussão pela renovação ou não dos direitos televisivos com a Olivedesportos parece-me uma discussão sem qualquer efeito prático. Não porque não se deva discutir os assuntos do Benfica ( que nos ultimos tempos não têm sido discutidos)mas porque esta direcção ou as anteriores deixaram que no actual contrato se inscrevesse um direito de preferência, o que quer dizer que na altura da verdade, por muito boa que seja a alternativa, a Olivedesportos pode igualar a oferta e renovar auetamoicamtnte. A asneira foi feita uns anos atrás e não agora.

2016-07-01 Anonymous
Negeri Sembilan
  People who abuse animals deserve to feel the pain they inflicted

2016-06-27 Anonymous
  Dear Sir

I'm writing this letter to the PRo expressing my concern about the problem of pet abuse that has been occurring recently. I am afraid that my neighbour are treating their pet badly. Let me begin by describing the incidents of pet abuse that I am aware of.

This owner has not been feeding their dog, till it became very thin and started to eat grass and plastics from the rubbish bin. Lately The dog has been eating his own mess cause The owner didn t feed him.  The dog has chained all the time till it can sleep comfortably. The owner also not cleaning the dog till it has a stinky small on his body. 

To conclude both pets and humans are living creatures. So we human have no rights to ravage and torture then it so anything bad to them just because we own them.

Below is the address of my neighbour
20 ,  jalan  dato  dagang  2, 
Taman  sentosa , 41200  klang  

Your action on this much appriacated.

2016-06-01 Anonymous
  Animal abuse is inhuman. As a human, who had the ability to think rationally, it is best if we treat animals tenderly and with care. A law relating to Animal Abuse should be implemented to protect these lovely creatures.

2016-06-01 Anonymous
  Every living things and life are precious. Stop animals abuse!!

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Stop animal abuse! Please! :'(

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Kalau kamu yang kena abuse, apa kamu rasa?

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Let's make a change! Stop animal abuse! A rule must be made !!

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Please PM of Malaysia, please make a rule for animal abuse

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  I hope this campaign really fruitful to fight against animal abuse. Animal are God's creation too.

2016-05-31 Nursyahidah Binti Hassim

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Please protect all the animals, especially the strays..They do have feelings like us and they do feel the pain frm the abuser..please stop abusing the animal..This has saddened me..where is the humanity?

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Who else could offer those animals some help if not us? They might have no feelings like us but they are lives too, right?

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Dear brother abuser, animals are our brothers and sisters. They are creation of God. If you don't believe in God, I hope that you believe in humanity. Let us open our heart, love them as they have loved us and live together with us ever since the beginning of time.

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Although there's a lot of people trying to stop or urge people not to do animal abuse, there are still individual who do it regards the heavy punishment, i hope we can change it for the better with this petition.

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  I hope, we humans, stand together for the right of all animals especially those abused and abandoned animals.

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Please help these innocent animals against animal cruelty. They are wonderful creatures and deserve to live happily. For stray animals, especially cats and dogs, please provide animal shelter for them.

2016-05-31 Anonymous
  Give your respect to animal. Animal also have feeling better than human. They don't hurt you or kill you if you are not harm them. Even if they want to bite you because they want to protect their self. If you are not love animal, just make sure do not harm them. Leave them happy. YOU ARE NOT HUMAN IF YOU KILL OR HURT ANIMAL!!!!

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